• Resting

    Driving home, I saw a young mother sitting on a street bench outside as she waited for the bus, hugging her toddler boy’s small body as it rested on her chest. A memory from when I was a child came to me.


  • Paulino

    It was around 2pm on a weekday. My phone rang and it was you. You were drunk.


  • Mom’s Note

    “I learned to appreciate life a lot more!!! I learned to get rid of depression by breath[ing] slowly in and out several times daily to relax, to listen to music and dance to it, to laugh.”


  • Nice Guy

    “I need a ride. Take me home.” I did. Stupid. I shouldn’t have but being nice was always my constant curse and offering her a ride home was the most recent example of this fault in my then 19-year-old self. She wasn’t a stranger. She wasn’t an acquaintance or only a friend. Throughout high school,…


  • Kids. Life.

    Having children is an act of selfishness.


  • Things Learned From My Mother’s Passing

    In the end, Death was not the nemesis. We did not come to see it as some frightful specter to be feared.


n. (indigenous Mexican Nahuatl):
old clothing, rags, or trinkets;
collection of things with little or no use


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